If you have the pleasure of knowing Elva, you have probably been the recipient to one of her many crafts, baked pies and cakes, or maybe even one of her exquisite paintings. All of her hobbies revolve around the skill of patience and the love of craft.

Like an excerpt  from Big Fish – each skilled gift she posses has an interesting background. Elva, also known to many as Bita began crocheting at age four and it didn’t take her long to pick up knitting.

“I have so many diversities of hobbies and I love them all. In regards to the finished product, sometimes I like knitting better, but crocheting is faster. My first tools were big, long nails… and later when I learned to knit my father made me a pair of knitting needles out of bicycles spikes. I love the crafts of needle and thread because they’re so relaxing. I usually meditate or talk to God while working the thread through my fingers. My mother was my teacher. Everything I know and who I am, I owe to my beautiful mother.” 

Each hook and loop is bound with love and beauty, and she couldn’t be any happier than when sharing her crafts. Take some love, Pass on the Love, Share the Love. Revisit her blog! 


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  1. Oct. 07 2011

    Dear Elvita;
    Thank you for the lovely hats you made for the girls. The hats look great and comfortable, exactly what I wanted. The girls recieve so many compliments every time they wear it. Thanks again for your wonderful service.
    Expect recommendations !!!!

    Happy new fan (Dallas tx)

  2. Thank You Edith!

    I am so excited everyone is loving my hats (Gorritas)!! It means so much to me to be able to share a part of my hobbies with so many people! You’re next order will be ready soon! Keep Sharing the Love!

    Much Appreciation,

  3. Hello Ms. Elva… I’m the Walmart gal you met on Jan. 11th. After speaking with you, I found you to be a sweet and inspirational person! Thank you so much for taking your time to visit with me! Your kindness and love put a special smile on my face and in my heart.

    • Neina, I am so happy to have met you – and to now hear from you. I really look forward getting to know you and sharing our hobbies with each other and your church members. Give me a ring soon.

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